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Yoshi Eggs

October 22, 2014

I’m not entirely sure why I titled this post “Yoshi Eggs” when it has absolutely nothing to do with them. I guess the colours and textures are cartoon dinosaur-esque? Do you agree? Y/N?

Anyway, we got some V cute goodies from Cameo The Label weeks ago and we have yet to stray away from wearing them every day. Three-dimensional textures, lace accents, and motorcycle details are our weaknesses. Nobody gets us like Cameo does :’)


ON BIANCA: Cameo The Label ‘Apollo’ dress, American Apparel baseball hat, chunky platform shoes (similar styles here and here)
ON DANI: Cameo The Label ‘Wake Me’ bra & ‘Nine Lives’ skirt, Topshop platform sandals (similar style here)


SQUAD Pop-Up Shop & Exhibit

October 19, 2014

If you follow us on any of our socials, you know that we’ve been putting our sweat and blood into a pop-up shop and art exhibit that ran from October 16 – 18. Dubbed ‘SQUAD,’ the event celebrated the Toronto launch of our new clothing/jewellery collection, our big n beautiful team of creatives, and local/international artist-friends whose work tickles our fancies ;) ;) ;)

Although it took many a sleepless night and a Lindsay Lohan-style hospital visit for over-exhaustion, SQUAD was a huge success and now we got dat twinkle in our eyes every time we reminisce about it. If you couldn’t make it, click through the gallery above for a virtual tour.

Big ups to Olivia Genovese for being our right hand woman; Betty, Jamie, Janet, Krizia, Marissa, Tia #1 & Tia #2 for being the best band of interns ever; Trevor Wheatley, Winnie Truong, Tyler Spangler, Dahae Song, Monica Moraru, Rosanna Peng and Jen Cheng for showing beauteous ~arts~; Josh at Goodfellas Gallery for letting us get all up in his grill all weekend; the girl bosses at Common Base for powering our party; Mikey and Sophie for DJing; and – last but not least – Nich & Vanessa for dealing with our shit all month just because they were around.