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4 ways to Mogo

January 22, 2015

As of late/as you know, we’ve been posting quite a bit of content in collaboration with Mogo, a financial company all about helping young bucks with their bucks (yes, I am aware my wordplay is only mildly clever). They offer prepaid credit cards, super low interest Liquid loans, and disruptive short-term loans to help y’all get your ducks in a row and ~uncreditcard your life~. But, many of you may be asking, “Why can’t I just use my debit card?” “Am I ready to give up my rewards points credit line?” or “What does it all mean?” — we know this because we made similar quips before adopting the lifestyle ourselves.

Though we have a mouthful of answers for your unanswered questions (sort of), we’re going to keep it simple by showing you 4 ways to use a Mogo Prepaid Visa┬« Card o a.k.a. 4 ways we tend to spend more than we should:


Whether it’s at the movie theatre, in a gas station, out of boredom or due to laziness, snacking on chips and candy bars is a common occurrence. We *love* eating, but we can recognize it’s easy to accidentally spend way too much on convenience food since the small amounts add up at the end of the month. Choose a more reasonable (not to mention healthier) alternative like bulk cashews or fresh fruit, or track your snacks with your MogoCard.


We know you can relate to this one. Shopping for clothes and other pretty things – especially online – is dangerous although fun. Retailers are so crafty with their fancy window displays, jQuery websites, and other glittery charms *shakes fist*. Don’t be fooled by the rocks that they got — a MogoCard will help keep you in line and ensure you’re never going overboard.


If there’s one place you get totally blindsided by how much you’re spending, it’s at the bar gettin’ turnt with your friends. Starting a tab with your credit card may be convenient but there’s no way to track what the heck you’re doing because you can hardly send a coherent text message, let alone do simple math. Luckily, you can set your MogoCard to notify you of your balance via text. You’re drunk dialing all your ex baes anyway — might as well know exactly how much you’ve spent on gin & tonics tonight.


Vacationing is the best. Nobody can say otherwise. However, after your plane ticket, accommodations, meals, souvenirs, and other R&R necessities, it’s tough to stick to your allowance when Visa is the only form of payment accepted across the globe. MogoCards are accepted wherever Visa is, so you won’t ever run on empty again!


So there you have it. Let that simmer for a bit, take it all in — once you open your eyes you’ll find there are so many MogoCard uses, so many ways to do more but spend less. There’s more to life than snacks and getting wavy! We swear it! Lol


Cooking with K&P: SUSHI EDITION

January 21, 2015

If you follow us on YouTube, you know that we have a lil’ series running with Forever 21 called ~*Cooking with Kastor & Pollux*~, where we demonstrate how to cook different meals. Because we have absolutely no experience in the kitchen, the food either turns out awful or surprisingly delicious. Either way, we’re always decked out in cute clothing and havin’ a blast.

Last weekend, we tried our luck with sushi rolls. Though they ended up looking a bit funny, they tasted pretty a-okay — and our whole squad can back us on that.

If you thought that was excellent and informative, subscribe to us on YouTube. We promise no shortage of craZy antics and culinary masterpieces!!!

ON DANI: Forever 21 leopard dress
ON BIANCA: Forever 21 blouse and skirt



January 19, 2015

Back in October, we threw a pop-up shop and gallery exhibit in Toronto to celebrate our biggest womenswear collection yet: SQUAD, 25 pieces of our hearts n souls in clothing and jewellery form. Though the event happened months ago, the collection is finally available for purchase now. We promise eyegasms galore as you scroll through the photos above, watch the lookbook video (and a semi-questionable promotional short), and visit Kastor & Pollux’s online shop — it’s something we worked very, very hard on and are crazy proud of.

Inspired by space, the Internet, nature, and friendship, SQUAD comprises of tops, bottoms, dresses, outerwear, necklaces, earrings, and clutches in an *icy* palette of greys, blues, and metallics. Statement pieces like the leopard print set and bauble necklaces are balanced with the more subtle midi dress and pyrite necklace.

Big thanks to Olivia Genovese for producing the videos, Marissa Ho and Janet Wen for shooting the lookbook, Taylor Reynolds for lending her beautiful self to model, and Caroline Levin for doing hair & makeup. #KPsquad forever. #KPsquad for always.