Bianca Venerayan

A photo of me gazing dramatically away from the camera

Hi! My name is Bianca Venerayan and I truly detest writing autobiographical paragraphs. At the ripe old age of 20, I sit here on my faux fur rug and ponder exactly what fun facts about me to mention. Knowing that giving too much information or too little information can be the downfall of my internet image, I shall approach this challenge with point form notes:

  • I study Fashion Communications at Ryerson University in Toronto
  • Dani has been my partner in crime (read: in general fashion and/or dog-related endeavours) since I was in grade ten
  • I like to think I dress rather ~*QUIRKY*~
  • I really like animals
  • So there you have it. Four major points that summarize the mystery that is me. If for whatever reason you’d like to know more, write me a heartfelt email at


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