Mogo Mondays: DIY Bead-azzled Jeans

March 6, 2015

For our second instalment of #MogoMondays, our YouTube series/comprehensive guide to ~doing more & spending less~, we took a pair of old school mom jeans and *bead-azzled* them for a lil’ extra flavour. We loved them so much we wore them to New York Fashion Week — proof that you don’t need to overspend on the latest fashion trends to look your best.

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Pizza & Mom Jeans

March 4, 2015

Aside from the fact that I’ve eaten pizza 5 times this week (and it’s only Wednesday), nothing says “I’ve given up on life” like a pair of true blue mom jeans. Luckily, I can counter said frumptastic silhouette with daintier pieces like a plunging bodysuit and high heeled boots. Later today, I’m going to eat raw broccoli and half-attempt a workout in my condo’s sad excuse for a gym. It’s all about balance, y’all.


ON DANI: Marques Almeida for Topshop dress, Uniqlo turtleneck (similar here) and Shellys London platform boots

ON BIANCA: Crystal Cactus necklace, Boohoo deep V bodysuit, vintage mom jeans (similar style here), Topshop boots (similar styles here and here) and Kastor & Pollux denim sling bag (coming soon)


How to Wear Fuchsia

February 11, 2015

As far as I’ve ever been concerned, the colour fuschia has been reserved for the uninteresting section of the Crayola 24 pack and the puffy winter coat circa 1997 that I secretly resented. Fortunately, as I’ve grown up, so has my preference in colour – and this hue, previously penned as obnoxious, has evolved into something much more than just a cry to get schooled in colour theory.

Not the subtlest of RGB selections, fuschia doesn’t quite scream “I’m a baby”; yet, it’s not bright/not light/highly saturated tone makes it less than 1% of the population’s go-to colour [#statistics]. Generally, looking like a put-together adult is difficult enough when you have the face of a 14 year old – so naturally it does its job at complicating most situations [more #statistics].

Considering that Bianca and I have been spending ~xtra time~ to implement the “wear more colour” notch in our new year’s resolutions, fuschia has been one of the many segues into this new/old sartorial hobby. And despite the fact that I’m still scared of it, in and amoungst the blacks, whites, and greys, there’s really nothing more comforting than knowing I have a fuchsia bowler hat waiting on the wings to bring me back to 1997 and make me feel yung and wild and free once again.

ON BIANCA: Forever 21 jacket, hat, and mules; Pixie Market lace romper

ON DANI: Forever 21 coat and backpack; Topshop culottes and shoes; Aritzia crop top