Holidaze @ Topshop PS

December 8, 2014

Topshop‘s personal shopping service has been an invaluable asset of ourz since it opened in Hudson’s Bay stores across Canada — it’s fun, free, and forges new friendships. We know this firsthand since meeting Jess at Topshop’s Queen Street location last year; not only does she help us coordinate our ensembles/tells us when something makes…
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Window Panes

November 26, 2014

A couple of nights ago, Dani and I were avoiding being normal humans by sifting through our old Lookbook posts over Crispy Crunch bars (we ran out of the good stuff). Aside from laughing at Dani’s boho phase and that one time I shaved my head, we realized we started dressing a lot less interesting…
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Ruff Ryding Boots

November 24, 2014

Though we’re by no means experienced in the art of equestrianism, we’re definitely well acquainted with the riding boot — a footwear option that’s not only perfect for riding horses, but also for living a regular Canadian life. They provide warmth up to yo knees, are plenty comfortable compared to a pair of stilettos, and…
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