Yellow Polka Dots

October 29, 2014

The end of World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto means one thing: we’re right back to wearing comfy black and white things until next season rolls around. Of course, we’ll continue tricking everyone into thinking we haven’t completely given up by wearing heels with our slouchy pullovers and fuzzy cardigans — there’s nothing like a good knit (that feels just like a hug) to take you through the fall.


ON DANI: Forever 21 pullover sweater, polka dot skirt, and bag
ON BIANCA: Forever 21 striped top, midi skirt, polka dot cardigan, and mules


Last Minute Halloween Costumes

October 25, 2014

What’s that you say? Halloween’s bout to rear its scurry head and you have yet to think up a cool costume? You’re starting to ***freak out*** just a little because you always end up being that guy with a lazy-looking costume like a lumberjack or bunny rabbit? WELB, DON’T U WORRY CUZ WE GOT YO BACK. Dani and I are here to rescue your sad, costume-less soul with a few, err, interesting ideas for outfits you can whip up in a jiffy and still look like you really thought it through. Plus, they’re all costumes you can wear as a duo with your friend, sibling, mom, dad, significant other, dog, cat, or whoever else is down to look as ridiculous as you.

Check ‘em out on Youtube!

Shoe styles (in order of appearance): Call It Spring Mulkins, Grywia, Diver, Newth, Arangea


Yoshi Eggs

October 22, 2014

I’m not entirely sure why I titled this post “Yoshi Eggs” when it has absolutely nothing to do with them. I guess the colours and textures are cartoon dinosaur-esque? Do you agree? Y/N?

Anyway, we got some V cute goodies from Cameo The Label weeks ago and we have yet to stray away from wearing them every day. Three-dimensional textures, lace accents, and motorcycle details are our weaknesses. Nobody gets us like Cameo does :’)


ON BIANCA: Cameo The Label ‘Apollo’ dress, American Apparel baseball hat, chunky platform shoes (similar styles here and here)
ON DANI: Cameo The Label ‘Wake Me’ bra & ‘Nine Lives’ skirt, Topshop platform sandals (similar style here)


SQUAD Pop-Up Shop & Exhibit

October 19, 2014

If you follow us on any of our socials, you know that we’ve been putting our sweat and blood into a pop-up shop and art exhibit that ran from October 16 – 18. Dubbed ‘SQUAD,’ the event celebrated the Toronto launch of our new clothing/jewellery collection, our big n beautiful team of creatives, and local/international artist-friends whose work tickles our fancies ;) ;) ;)

Although it took many a sleepless night and a Lindsay Lohan-style hospital visit for over-exhaustion, SQUAD was a huge success and now we got dat twinkle in our eyes every time we reminisce about it. If you couldn’t make it, click through the gallery above for a virtual tour.

Big ups to Olivia Genovese for being our right hand woman; Betty, Jamie, Janet, Krizia, Marissa, Tia #1 & Tia #2 for being the best band of interns ever; Trevor Wheatley, Winnie Truong, Tyler Spangler, Dahae Song, Monica Moraru, Rosanna Peng and Jen Cheng for showing beauteous ~arts~; Josh at Goodfellas Gallery for letting us get all up in his grill all weekend; the girl bosses at Common Base for powering our party; Mikey and Sophie for DJing; and – last but not least – Nich & Vanessa for dealing with our shit all month just because they were around.