BACK(PACK) TO SCHOOL: 2 DIYs With Call It Spring

As we all know, backpacks are practical for a multitude of reasons. For one, they make riding a bike easy and breezy (because LOOK MA, NO HANDZ!), and secondly, they carry pretty much everything – from your morning/midday/afternoon/evening snacks to an extra pair of shoes (for when yr platforms start hurting yr feet). Honestly, the list could go on and on, but if it did, there would probably be no time for the actual purpose of this post – which is to provide you with !!TWO!! backpack DIYs for you to replicate on your very own Call It Spring backpacks! Ya gurlz, we got your back(pack)s.

A poem [following the AABB rhyming scheme because that’s all I know how to do):

This is a two part crafty collective
This is – dare I say it? – a back to school incentive.
In conjunction with our friends at Call It Spring,
We’ve DIY-ed some bags so you can impress your ting ;)
By starting off with a needle and thread,
These bags were once plain – but now they’re fancy instead.
Sewing and threading,
Gluing and embedding,
You’ll be the chicest gal at school,
Who will be sure to let everyone know that backpacks are cool.

Bye (4 realsies).


- Call It Spring backpack
- Round beads of different sizes
- Needle & thread

Thread the needle and tie a knot at the end

Push the needle and thread through the inside of the backpack at any random spot

String a bead through

Push the needle and thread back through to the inside of the backpack and fasten with a knot. Repeat this process until you have sporadically placed BUBBLEZ across the entire surface of the backpack.

To create funky flower shapes, push the needle and thread through the inside of the backpack directly beside an existing bead

String on multiple small beads

Wrap the smaller beads around the bigger bead and fasten with a knot

Wear your bubbly new backpack with pride

- Call It Spring backpack
- Plastic gems and rhinestones (we used broken up costume jewellery)
- Black acrylic paint
- Paintbrush
- Glue gun

Remove any logos or patches that may distract from the *sparkle*

Paint all your gems and let ‘em dry

Apply glue to the back of a gem

Place the gem somewhere/anywhere/everywhere on the surface of the backpack. Repeat this process until your backpack is ~icy~

Stunt on all your friends with your #veryrare black diamond-bedazzled backpack!!!

Call It Spring, Summer, and/or Fall

ON BIANCA: Kastor & Pollux top, Forever 21 skirt, H&M trench coat, NTHNG beanie, Call It Spring Petrulo
ON DANI: Kit & Ace top, Kastor & Pollux skirt, Forever 21 varsity jacket, Call It Spring Jonalyn

ON BIANCA: Topshop slip dress, Warby Parker sunglasses, Call It Spring Petrulo
ON DANI: Aritzia bustier, Pixie Market skirt, Call It Spring Kaluwa

ON BIANCA: Aritzia bustier, Forever 21 sweatpants, Front Row Shop jacket, Call It Spring Abenasien
ON DANI: All vintage clothing, Call It Spring Kaluwa

ON BIANCA: Pixie Market blouse, Cameo shorts, Kastor & Pollux necklace, Call It Spring Abenasien
ON DANI: Aritzia t-shirt, Pixie Market skirt, Kastor & Pollux necklace (coming soon!), Call It Spring Jonalyn

I spend approximately 100% of my talking time on the weather. I know that, you know that, my mom knows that. A normal human being would attempt to focus on other topics after coming to this realization, but I a) am not a normal human being and b) can think of no other logical way to explain why Dani and I spent last weekend taking 14 million selfies in multiple outfits in varied amounts of layers. With that being said (read: long-winded and inane forewarning aside), I present to you my most groundbreaking introductory sentence: weather is unpredictable. It can be scorching hot and humid one day and bitingly cold the next, and the last few weeks in Toronto can rubber-stamp it. How are you (Torontonians/North Americans [in general]) supposed to keep up?!?!

!Luckily! we have a solution for you: transitional footwear. We each took two different pairs of shoes and styled them for both summer and the impending fall season. I chose classic lace-up boots and sleek, strappy flats; while Dani chose metallic oxfords and ankle boots with a baby heel. Although they’re all closed-toe styles, they’re just as good for jumping into piles of autumn leaves as they are for jumping into pools. OK, maybe not, but you get the gist: Call It Spring can also be called summer and fall. LOLz.

IT’S A PARTY (With Call It Spring)

ON BIANCA: Aritzia bustier, Oak + Fort pants, Topshop necklace, and Call It Spring Macera oxfords

ON DANI: Topshop bralet, H&M pants, Call It Spring Unirania


Getting dressed and dolled up for a ~*soiree*~ is definitely a sacred girlytime ritual. In fact, if you calculated all the time we’ve spent on hair, makeup, and outfit planning, you’d probably get something like 5 years each. That’s insane to think about. We’ve dedicated almost a quarter of our lives to this art. I’m also over-exaggerating, like, a lot.

Anyway, more often than not, we leave the house in an all-black outfit because you can never really go wrong with one. They’re classy, mysterious, and cool without trying too hard — AMIRIGHT?! We also wear bras masquerading as real tops 99% of the time because #strongempoweredwomen. As for footwear, we usually lean towards high heels since we’re both lacking in the height department, but flats (like a good oxford or fancy slip on) can make you look just as put together for the nights you don’t plan on falling face-down on the dance floor.

Speaking of parties, we’re throwing a lil’ jam !!!this Friday!!! to celebrate the newly renovated Call It Spring Square One location. If you’re in Mississauga (or if you’re just a really dedicated human being), stop by from 5 pm – 9 pm for some sweet tunes, sweet snacks, sweet content 4 ur Instagram, sweet deals, and sweet, sweet hang-times with us!!! You might even get a cameo in the next Kastor & Pollux Youtube video *giggles*

See you there!!!


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