Do you need me? Do you think I’m pretty?

July 27, 2015

Over the last little bit, we’ve been blasting OMI – Cheerleader on repeat. It may be the catchiest of catchy songs, but there’s another reason we kept it playing: we had to have it memorized for a lip sync battle — and not just any lip sync battle but a #BABYLIPSYNC BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!! We are the faces of Maybelline‘s latest campaign for Baby Lips lip gloss and balms and we couldn’t be more thrilled to sing Cheerleader over and over again, outfit changes included. They’ve dropped three new finishes including #TheCreamies, #TheShimmers, and #TheJellies (which are all pretty self-explanatory textures), so they’re inviting all o y’all to lipsync along with us for a chance to win weekly prizes like Frends headphones.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for a submission of your own, find our video on the campaign homepage. We don’t recommend setting off sparklers indoors, but we encourage you to have all the fun that we did!



July 23, 2015

Yesterday, Dani and I became proud owners of the brand new Samsung Galaxy S6, a phone we’ve only heard great things about but were always super intimidated by how big and shiny it is. Now (less than 24 hours in), the intimidation has subsided, being replaced by excitement, fascination, and a hint of obsession. It’s so fast! It’s so crispy! Is this the future?

Before you get secondhand anxiety from reading about our phone upgrade (is that even a thing?), we used Smart Switch to pull all of our contacts (collectively, we have 5 friends), photos (collectively, we have 1 million selfies) and v important calendar data (pre-planned pizza parties and all), so it was super easy to transition aside from the fact that my baby hands still need a bit more time to get used to the phone’s enormous screen.

Anyway, the point of this post is to let you know that Samsung‘s sending us to WayHome Music Festival this weekend and we’re going to take you with us using our Galaxies, various social media platforms, and profound over-documentation skills. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat (all @kastorandpollux) because we’re going to capture some pretty ridiculous things on a 16MP camera ie terrible dancing, obnoxious yelling and tent pitching (for the first time ever). I’m stuuupid excited. Is anybody else heading to WayHome?!


Cool-lottes ;)

June 24, 2015

Spring, summer, fall, winter: There’s always a place for denim in our wardrobes!

We have a lot to say about a lot of things, but today’s topic of discussion are Dani’s pants. We realize that you’ve probably had to hear us utter the same spiel / same series of positive adjectives over and over and over again over the past few years, but truly, there’s nothing nicer than some good ol’ denim….especially when this material is the one that fabricates something as majestical as the aforementioned pair of giant denim culottes.

Not only do these culottes grace us with their multi-dimensional glory (as they prepare us for any impending flood), they also grant us enough wiggle room to support our growing obsession with Butter Chicken Roti – the place on West Queen West – and also the generalized food item for those not fortunate enough to live in a close proximity to the place). PLUS, 3/6 #KPSQUAD members have them. That’s half, and that means a lot. Are you sold yet?

These days, besides writing paragraphs praising Forever 21 culottes, we’ve been working hard on a lot of new projects. From sketches to 25-page PDF documents to 250-person events, we’ve been trying to document said projects on our YouTube channel (with the help of a selfie stick and minimal self-respect). While we’re really kk about the last part, you know what we mean, right?


ON DANI: Forever 21 top, culottes and vest

ON BIANCA: Forever 21 culottes, bag, and shoes