Maison Kitsune x Shu Uemura

November 24, 2015

Over the past few weeks, Bianca and I were #blessed with a couple of cool opportunities.

1) We got to meet a bunch of cuties in Toronto and Vancouver
2) We got to get our makeup done by the ever-talented Taca and Julie, on-stage lol
3) We got the opportunity to ~remix~ our beauty routines (and this includes donning feathered eyelashes, orange blush, and blue eyeshadow)

It’s always awesome to be granted the opportunity to interact with other humans (and leave my lair/dungeon/computer time warp), and I could’ve pictured no better collaborators than Shu Uemura and Maison Kitsune. Not only did their much cute/much anticipated holiday collaboration add a whole bunch of *sparkle* to Bianca and I’s otherwise boring makeup roster, but it also taught us a few important lessons about makeup application and also life!!!

Also, ICYMI, my right-hand gal Krizia and I worked on this Wes Anderson-y style video featuring all Maison Kitsune clothing, the QT makeup collaboration in full, and a Snoop Dogg quote (because obviously). The video – which was shot over 2 days – embodies the spirit of the two brands – east vs. west, congregating at the core, mixed with quirky visuals and and off-handed sophistication.

The Hero Products
Eyelash Curler, $24.00
Ultime8 Cleansing Oil, $48.00
Party Mix Glitz Nail Enamel, $25.00
Plum Eye and Cheek Palette, $85.00
Indigo Eye and Cheek Palette, $85.00

If you enjoyed all of the above but weren’t able to make it out to either the Toronto or Vancouver presentation, fear not. We’ve got a surprise for u!!!! For any Shu Uemura online orders of $85, get a free tote. Offer valid from Nov 23 through Dec 3 hehe.

Love you, smooches!


Dani and Bianca Cordially Invite You…

November 2, 2015

To celebrate Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura, we’re headed to a couple of events near you. Meet us, greet us, hug us, squeeze us, and shop the killer holiday collaboration in-store at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

NOVEMBER 7: Toronto – Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale Mall (12-2pm)
NOVEMBER 20: Vancouver – Hudson’s Bay Pacific Centre (5:30-8pm)

See you there? Love you!

Concept: Dani Roche
Director of photography: Dani Roche
Video shot by: Krizia Victoria
Video edited by: Krizia Victoria
Styled by: Dani Roche
Featuring: Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan


Virgin Mobile Canada: New Jukely Member Benefit / Contest

October 13, 2015

Here’s a fun fact: If you have a Virgin Mobile phone you are Virgin Mobile Member, and therefore you pretty much have the link to everything important. Beyond discounts on shoes, frozen yogurt, movies, music (tbh, idk what else matters????????), Virgin Mobile Members also get exclusive offers and a shot at VIP access to one-of-a-kind experiences.

Since I’ve been travelling a lot over the past couple of months (and have only ReEAAllLYYYy begun to settle into ~normalcy~ this week), the latest Member Benefit came as a really nice surprise. Focused on accessibility and allowing me to listen to good #music and feel like a human again, Virgin Mobile hooked me up with a 1-month Jukely trial, and my life has pretty much been changed forever.

This is how I’ve been putting my new Jukely Member Benefit to good use:

I correlate this and last October to two things: 1) transitions and 2) Kero Kero Bonito.

While times of transition seem impossible to overcome, I look back at last year with fond memories, gratitude, and a forever appreciation for Kero Kero Bonito: the providers of a perfectly happy soundtrack to combat long days and late nights of working/generally figuring everything out.

To backtrack a bit, one year ago today, Bianca and I introduced the very first rendition of the “#KPSQUAD” through Kastor & Pollux’s SQUAD gallery show and pop-up shop at Goodfellas Gallery in Toronto. Prior to this, Kastor & Pollux pretty much just consisted of Bianca and I on our laptops. Which was fun and good etc, but ultimately rendered us pretty stagnant.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that at the beginning of 2014 we invited Olivia Genovese to be our video girl, and you’ll probably remember this video from last October that pretty much gives context to everything I’ve been rambling about above.

October 2014: Crying, working, singing Flamingo at 4am.
October 2015: Me reflecting on all that has changed, and singing along to Flamingo with Kero Kero Bonito at The Drake Hotel.

I have lived and I have learned and I have loved, and now, thanks to Virgin Mobile’s Jukely Member Benefit (my new favourite service), I have had the opportunity to see them live and experience the band that’s taken me through the last year IRL. Life goes full circle, y’all.

Whether at an intimate venue or a gigantic stadium, I love the experience of watching live performances. However, I can never keep track of who comes through the city. Of course, this results in me either purchasing last-minute tickets (at inflated prices, or in less-than-ideal proximity to the stage), or shedding tears as I watch the show unfold via social media.

Now that I’ve been able to access Jukely, I have been able to keep track of all my favourite artists coming to Toronto. This means that FOR ONCE I am planning in advance and buying my tickets early. I’ve also been pursuing shows in other cities – such as Los Angeles and New York – so I can still check out shows when I’m on the road.

Aside from getting me in to Kero Kero Bonito (and informing me that I’ll be seeing Beirut live for the 5th time in November), I also tried out Jukely’s “Guest List” and “claim a spot” feature to see Joywave this past Wednesday night at The Garrison. By claiming a spot, I was automatically put on Jukely’s guest list – meaning I got to go to the show without having to buy a ticket! Granted, I had never heard of Joywave prior to seeing them lol, but let’s be honest – they had all the makings of what I typically like in a band: cute boys and chillwave sounds.

So here’s the best part, we’ve teamed up with Virgin Mobile Canada to give you a chance to live the life of a Vigin Mobile Member. That’s right – anyone can enter to win a free 1-month Jukely trial. Just leave us a comment with your name, email, and who you’re dying to see live and we’ll pick a winner on October 26th.

ALSO, for all existing Virgin Mobile Members, this is available for you too. Redeem your benefit before October 14th for a chance to win VIP access to the Cold War Kids show in Toronto!!! Ahhhhhh!