A #ForeverFest DIY

As if the plethora of anecdotes and pictures from last weekend’s Coachella festivities weren’t enough to send us into a tizzy, Vanessa Hudgen’s infamous stomping grounds kicks off it’s second weekend today – once again sending us into fits wishing that we, too, could be frolicking in the desert with large flowers/the entire Outkast discography blaring in the background.

However, since we’re not at Coachella (and are instead in our beds, weeping at the fact that we won’t get to hear any music in festival-type settings until TURF), we decided to make y’all a c00l and tr3ndy DIY!

Enter monochromatic + embellished shortz: In 5 very *simple* and very *fun* steps, you’ll have something to cover your bum in the most *unique* and *fun* way ever. Take notes, Vanessa Hudgens!



• A pair of shorts (we used these in light wash)
• 2 necklaces (you can try this or this)
• Spray paint (in any colour)
• Super glue / a glue gun
• Pliers


Put down newspaper to protect the surface of wherever you’re spray painting. Lay your shorts down flat.


Apply spray paint to the surface of your shorts – as many coats as necessary until the colour appears opaque. Flip the shorts over and repeat process on the back.

*Tip* Wait in between each application, as denim is porous and will absorb the spray paint!


Once you’ve completely covered your shorts in spray paint, prepare your embellishments (we used two of the same necklace from Forever 21. Measure the length of the pocket, and use pliers to cut your necklaces accordingly.


Cover both pieces in the same colour spray paint. Wait for them to dry.


Apply strong super glue to the back of each jewelry piece, and hold firmly onto denim – underneath the pockets.





PS: If we were going to Coachella, this is probably what we’d wear…

All c/o Forever 21. Hat / Necklace / Sunglasses (similar) / Top / Shorts (similar)


Forever 21′s ~Forever Festival~ collection is now available in-stores and online. If you’re lucky enough to be at Coachella right now, tag YR ~festival fashion~ with #ForeverFest and #F21xme!

Festival Fashun With Call It Spring!

Lolz if you didn’t already know by now, COACHELLA STARTS 2MORROW. And even though we’re stuck in Toronto (and not the desert, duh) we’re still staring at an array of Call It Spring shoezz that would be perfect if we were participating in any cool music festival activities. But alas, we’re not. But that doesn’t mean we’re not qualified to talk about festival fashunnn (because we’re going to Osheaga, DUUuhHHHhh)!

If you’re heading to any festivals ~this festival season~ (lol), then read our post on the CIS blog and GET INSpiRedDD!!! Summer is /just/ around the corner, y’alls.



If you’re more interested in jamming out to tunes from afar, you can step up your style game with some unconventional details that’ll be sure to get you snapped by photogs! Opt for interesting accessories and girlish silhouettes — and don’t forget a pair of sunglasses in case you get too tired from being fabulous and subsequently decide to take a nap under a tree while you listen to the strums of an acoustic guitar.



Attending festivals with big groups of friends is fun — but as a ~quirky chick~ you’re all about being unconventional. Whether this means wandering between stages by yourself or making new friends altogether, you’re definitely the standout at any party. Stay true to your lively personality with mirrored sunglasses and bold prints, and pair socks with jelly sandals…because you can. The quirky gal is all about pushing boundaries.



Contrary to the chill nature of the street style star, you’re the type of girl who will always choose being engulfed by a crowd over of sitting under a tree painting your fingernails and eating a green salad. As a daredevil with a lust for life and a penchant for all things adventurous, even in heels, you’re sure to be crowdsurfin’ during Outkast’s set with the best of them.



Youthful graphic prints and eyelet textures will be sure to bring out your inner kid — even if you’re spending your festival afternoons sipping spiked lemonades. Treat the park as your own personal playground and run around chasing butterflies when you’re not jamming out to your favourite Indie pop duo.


~ See the original post/more FUN and FaBuLoSiTy on the CIS blog ~


|FAT| Arts & Fashion Week in Toronto – Win Passes!!!


This year, we’re proud to be labelled VIP Bloggers for |FAT| Arts & Fashion Week in Toronto. After having attended the last 3 annual events, we know this year will be epic. Rooted in supporting indie/unconventional designers, |FAT| is a big ol’ Canadian fashion week alternative to the oh-so-official World MasterCard Fashion Week. Aside from attending almost every show and gawking at the cray cray prints and architectural silhouettes we’re bound to see, we’re giving away passes valued at $100 to ~*FOUR LUCKY WINNERS*~ (living in/near Toronto, because you want to actually be able to attend… duh).

To enter, visit our Instagram profile @kastorandpollux, like our |FAT| photo, and comment with the designer you’re most excited to see. We’ll choose four winners at random on April 13th and either drop a comment or send an Instagram Direct Message with instructions to pick up your pass. We realize you’d probably want a friend there with you, so if you win a pass and your friend doesn’t, WE CAN BE YOUR SUBSTITUTE!!! How fun is that?! Art, fashion, and NEW FRIENDZZZ!!!

And if that’s not reason enough to enter, here are three designers we’re personally stoked to see:



There are just no words for how much we pine for his kooky prints and space-age aesthetic.



Last year, this man had GLITTER flying off PECULIARLY SHAPED HATS. Mother flocking GLITTER and HATS.



Henry always comments on social issues through his work in a simple but beautiful way. He’s also my typography prof… so that’s that.

Powder Bl00z

ON DANI: Aritzia top, H&M x Margiela pants, Solective shoes via Capezio (buy here)


ON BIANCA: Topshop top (c/o), H&M pants, Jeffrey Campbell shoes via Capezio (buy here)


Realized spring had finally sprung when leaving the house with our ankles peering out from the bottom of our pant hems and our toes peeping from our open-toed shoes became a feasible activity. After months upon months of Dr. Martens all day every day, we couldn’t be more ecstatic to take new footwear silhouettes out for much-needed test drives. Though easing into bare arms might seem a bit premature, we’re taking to our new Sh0eZZzz from Capezio to ease our winter blues and elevate ourselves off the ground (well, in Dani’s case, that is).



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