!HOME TOUR! w/ Forever 21

As you may/may not already know due to our incessant social media updates, Dani and I recently moved into a brand new loft together. We figured it was the next step in our lifelong relationship together, and we were right — so far it’s been the most *beauteous* experience, like, ever. We get to hang out ALL THE TIME, our closets have become exponentially larger and we’re approximately 1 million times happier.

Though we’re still in the middle of getting settled in, here’s an obligatory set of !HOME TOUR! photos for a ~glimpse into our new lives~ (and, as mentioned, our growing closets featuring the most Forever 21 in the world).

In da living room with a big ol’ couch we painted white

Showing some luv to our cacti Tickley and Pickley, housewarming gifts from our best friend Matt

Holding one another in front of our wall of knickknacks, a daily activity

Dog butts. That is all.

Fabulous ceramic skull is fabulous

pEePiNg hehe

A better look at our knickknacks, feat Dani’s deezed biceps


In our studio/office where we get werq done

Desk, yo

My room!!!!!!!

Bein’ fashun

Dani’s room!!!!!!!

Bein’ fashun again

WoW colour coordinated rack WoW

ON DANI: Forever 21 blouse, shorts and hat
ON BIANCA: Forever 21 dress, shirt and hat

HOW TO MAKE: Easy Peasy Popsicles w/ Ema


Summer Treats r the best treats, amirite???

Bcuz I don’t have air conditioning I rely on cold treats to avoid physically melting. I make about 2.3 trips a day to the convenience store (on average) to grab some sort of ice treat. Sometimes it’s a slushie, sometimes it’s a snow cone, but it’s usually a popsicle. Fortunately for me, I recently made a genius purchase: a popsicle tray. Yes, folks, that’s right! I can now have unlimited popsicles!!! This is exciting. If you don’t already have one, go get one, right now, and then make these awesome fruit popz!

I chose to make these fruit pops for 2 main reasons:
1. I am obsessed with frozen fruit. **currently eating frozen grapes while creating this post**
2. I have an abnormal love for white grapefruit juice.



1. Popsicle tray (I got mine @ Dollarama)
2. White Grapefruit Juice
3. Berries (Blue, Black, Rasp, and Strawberry)
4. Bowl/plate
5. Knife





Cut your berries (or personal fruit preference) into smaller bits.
Fill each popsicle mold about 1/3 way full with fruity goodness.



Once there is a desirable amount of fruit in each mold, fill them up with the white grapefruit juice.
**Can we all just take a sec and ~reminisce~ on how cute those Welch’s commercials used to be?**

Put the provided popsicle sticks into each mold. They are now ready to go into the freezer!
They will need about 2-3 hours to be fully frozen. Try not to be impatient like me and pull at the sticks every half hour to see if they are frozen, they won’t be.


If you have a pool it’s probably a good idea to throw a pool party immediately and serve these pops. If you don’t have a pool, sprinkler parties r cool too.

~Enjoy & stay cool~


You can follow Ema on Instagram @ewaltez!!!

Mint Chocolate

ON BIANCA: Wilfred dress (worn open) via Aritzia, Forever 21 top, Solective shoes via Capezio (buy here)


ON DANI: Just Woman denim jacket via Koshka, Forever 21 dress, Topshop sunglasses, Jeffrey Campbell shoes via Capezio (buy here)



It’s National Ice Cream month – didn’t you know?

Since infancy, I’ve maintained an affinity for mint chocolate chip ice cream. While my appreciation for the flavour might stem from an infatuation with the perfectly pastel colouring, an inherent…peaceful quality to all things mint-flavoured(???)…also lends itself well to my treat consumption patterns.

In celebration of our favourite summertime snack (and in celebration of summer in general), we decided there would be nothing better than heaping piles of mint ice cream to accompany our mint outfits. And while the cones may be MIA from these photos, trust us when we say that they existed (though they didn’t last long).


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