Monochrome Dressing ft. Alex And Ani!

December 22, 2015

Dani and Bianca are wearing ALEX AND ANI bangles

Considering it’s nearly January and the temperature has only JUST dipped to a little below 0, it’s safe to say that Toronto has been having a mild winter. As a result, we haven’t had to bust out our parkas yet – and through careful layering (and careful accessorizing), we’ve been able to look ~on trend~ without freezing out buns off. Our secret? Variations of monochrome dressing!

To us, monochrome dressing is all layering – so the trend is perfect for transitional weather. If we’re gonna ditch kooky colours in lieu of similar-hued garments, we might as well be toasty in the process.

1) Texture (mixing fabrics) – For instance, pairing Dani’s lightweight camel knit sweater with a printed camel skirt, and a thick camel coat (not pictured)
2) Juxtaposition in silhouettes (boxy/blobby vs. sleek/slim) – Try wearing a classic silk button-up shirt with laid-back grey sweatpants like Bianca
3) Interesting accessories – You can match the hue of your accessories (silver vs. brass / cool vs. warm) to your clothing. To celebrate the Alex and Ani store opening at Yorkdale Mall, we’re wearing some bangles from ALEX AND ANI :)

Over the past couple of years it’s been increasingly difficult to wear accessories subtly. Both Bianca and I used to be all about over-accessorizing, but as we got older, wearing loads of jewelry became kind of a hassle. These ALEX AND ANI pieces work for us because they’re simple enough to not be distracting/cumbersome, but they’re still noticeable to make an impact on our ~look~. Our favourite way to wear bracelets are pushed on top of our sleeves! Not only is it practical, but it also looks cool/chill/nice.

If you’re around to Toronto area and are looking for some last minute gifts (cough), pop into the newly opened Alex and Ani store at Yorkdale Mall, or shop online at We checked out the store on Friday, enjoyed some sweet treats, and touched all the jewelry. Check out some snaps below ;)


Maison Kitsune x Shu Uemura

November 24, 2015

Over the past few weeks, Bianca and I were #blessed with a couple of cool opportunities.

1) We got to meet a bunch of cuties in Toronto and Vancouver
2) We got to get our makeup done by the ever-talented Taca and Julie, on-stage lol
3) We got the opportunity to ~remix~ our beauty routines (and this includes donning feathered eyelashes, orange blush, and blue eyeshadow)

It’s always awesome to be granted the opportunity to interact with other humans (and leave my lair/dungeon/computer time warp), and I could’ve pictured no better collaborators than Shu Uemura and Maison Kitsune. Not only did their much cute/much anticipated holiday collaboration add a whole bunch of *sparkle* to Bianca and I’s otherwise boring makeup roster, but it also taught us a few important lessons about makeup application and also life!!!

Also, ICYMI, my right-hand gal Krizia and I worked on this Wes Anderson-y style video featuring all Maison Kitsune clothing, the QT makeup collaboration in full, and a Snoop Dogg quote (because obviously). The video – which was shot over 2 days – embodies the spirit of the two brands – east vs. west, congregating at the core, mixed with quirky visuals and and off-handed sophistication.

The Hero Products
Eyelash Curler, $24.00
Ultime8 Cleansing Oil, $48.00
Party Mix Glitz Nail Enamel, $25.00
Plum Eye and Cheek Palette, $85.00
Indigo Eye and Cheek Palette, $85.00

If you enjoyed all of the above but weren’t able to make it out to either the Toronto or Vancouver presentation, fear not. We’ve got a surprise for u!!!! For any Shu Uemura online orders of $85, get a free tote. Offer valid from Nov 23 through Dec 3 hehe.

Love you, smooches!


Dani and Bianca Cordially Invite You…

November 2, 2015

To celebrate Maison Kitsune for Shu Uemura, we’re headed to a couple of events near you. Meet us, greet us, hug us, squeeze us, and shop the killer holiday collaboration in-store at the Hudson’s Bay Company.

NOVEMBER 7: Toronto – Hudson’s Bay Yorkdale Mall (12-2pm)
NOVEMBER 20: Vancouver – Hudson’s Bay Pacific Centre (5:30-8pm)

See you there? Love you!

Concept: Dani Roche
Director of photography: Dani Roche
Video shot by: Krizia Victoria
Video edited by: Krizia Victoria
Styled by: Dani Roche
Featuring: Dani Roche and Bianca Venerayan